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I was diagnosed with Meniere's, now what (article)?

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Over 2 million Americans have Meniere's.

1.4 million Americans have Epilepsy

1/2 million Americans have Parkinson's

So, why do so few people know so little about Meniere's, but most people know or at least have heard of Epilepsy and Parkinson's?




Menieres Treatments (for informational purposes only)
Listed below are some treatments that others with menieres have used and may have helped.  Make sure you visit John's Treatment page.  His plan has helped many eliminate their Meniere's symptoms.  My number one advice is to buy a notepad and start a journal.  Write down everything you eat, drink, and medications/supplements.  You may find a pattern to your dizziness.  You may start slowly.  Start with the lemon bioflavoids (would recommend to start with those first) and a good natural mulit-vitamin.  Then keep adding until you find what works for you.

Everyone is different.  One treatment may work for you, but not for another.  You may take 5mgs of Vinpocetine twice a day, someone else may take it three times a day.  With some of this information and the help of a knowledgeable doctor, you should be able to find out what works best for you.

Virus Connection

Doctors are finding a link between Meniere's and a type of virus.  Studies have shown that Acyclovir and Famvir (click for more information or to buy with free online consultation), an anti-viral prescribed medication, has reduced or eliminated the symptoms of meniere's.  Read article  Also watch foods Lysine and Arginine content.  Low Lysine or high Arginine seem to trigger the virus and increase your symptoms.  Read for more information.

Food Allergies

Excellent link showing allergies and their relation to Meniere's.  Many people diagnosed with Meniere's have been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, gluten, soy,  and/or milk.  Several people have simply reduced or eliminated these products from their diet and their vertigo and dizziness disappeared.  For more information, research Celiac Disease. Experiment.

Carbohydrates/Sugar/Insulin Factors

Is there a connection between carbohydrates, sugar, and insulin levels?  Here is a great article with information regarding these factors.  Article discusses links with inflammation, fibromyalgia, recovery from viral infections, and more...  Can these factors effect Mm symptoms?

What has Worked for Me
After experimenting with several different supplements and prescriptions, I have eliminated my vertigo and dizzy spells.  I still have intermittent pressure in my right ear and tinnitus.  I used a modified "John of Ohio's Treatment."  I have not used Serc, MSM, or Veritgoheel as of yet.  I use the lemon bioflavonoids, L-Lysine, 400mg of B2, and a multi-vitamin with high B vitamins.  I exercise lightly, and try to eat a well balanced lower sodium diet.  I use all natural vitamins, no gluten, additives, etc... My main complaint right now is the tinnitus that I can not get rid of and Migraines.  The vitamin B2 reduced the migraines dramatically, I continue to experiment.  Dizziness and vertigo are pretty much completely gone.

Vinpocetine and Lemon Bioflavoniods

Vinpocetineicon has been reported to improve cerebral blood flow, increase the glucose level used in the brain,  reduce platelet aggregation, and improve red blood cell deformability.  Vinpocetine is often used for the treatment of cerebral circulatory disorders such as memory problems, acute stroke, aphasia (loss of the power of expression), apraxia (inability to coordinate movements), motor disorders, dizziness and other cerebro-vestibular (inner-ear) problems, and headache.  It is available over-the- counter at most pharmacies.  Some also add Ginkgo-Biloba icon
Lemon Bioflavonoidsicon The bioflavonoids are helpful in the absorption of vitamin C and protect the multifunctional vitamin C molecule from oxidation, thereby improving and prolonging its functioning. Therefore, the bioflavonoids are indirectly, and possibly directly, involved in maintaining the health of the collagen that holds the cells together by strengthening the membranes of cells, tissues, and cartilage.  There are several types of bioflavonoids, but only one in particular has been noted to help people with meniere's, Bioflavonoids with lemon exocarp (the rind of the lemon).

Meniett Box

The Meniett portable pressure-pulse generator is designed to restore the balance in the hydrodynamic system of the inner ear. After a standard ventilation tube is inserted into the eardrum of the patient, pressure pulses generated by the Meniett technology are transmitted into the middle ear. The clinical effect occurs as the pulses reach the inner ear. The typical treatment cycle is completed in five-minute treatments, performed three times a day. After prescription and training by a physician, patients can treat themselves with the device at home. For More information Cost is around $3,500. They offer a 6 week refund.

SERC (Betahistine Hydrochloride)

Dilates blood vessels to increase the flow of blood to the head.  So far has returned positive results for meniere's patients.  Available by prescription only (non-US).  Used for years internationally. Betahistine Hydrochloride available in US.

Other Non-Surgical Menieres Treatments/Medications 

Acyclovir and Famvir anti-viral medication
Diuretic icon to reduce fluids and relieve pressure in ears.  Doctor may also prescribe.
Sniffing Eucalyptus Oil icon to clear nasal passages
Grape Seed Extract icon protects cells and reduce inflammation (may reduce ear pressure). 
Vertigoheel (prescription made by Heel) or Cocculus Compositum (non-prescription) for vertigo relief  *Note: You may be able to get "Lightheaded" by the Heel company without a prescription.  Check your local health store.
Meclizine icon is an over the counter medication for vertigo and dizziness
Valium to help control vertigo
Over the counter anti-histamines for reduction of histamines in your system
Massage to increase blood flow and to relax
Anti-Histamine tablets to reduce allergies. Loratadine icon
Acupuncture to increase blood flow and to relax
MSM icon (methylsufonylmethane)
may play an important role in maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissue, found in nasal passages, lungs, skin and the digestive lining.
Ginkgo-Biloba claims to improve circulation
Vitamin E iconfor better circulation.
Vitamin C iconfor tissue and immune system
B Complex icon for circulation
Having mercury fillings removed from teeth and replace with resins. The older type fillings may cause or aggravate the symptoms.
Low salt diet 500mg to 1,500mg per day.
Histamine diet Reduces the amount of Histamine producing food
Calcium with Vitamin D icon Bone health
L-Lysine icon Anti-viral and tissue health Has 1000's of vitamins and health products. Ships Internationally

Other Surgical Treatments

There are numerous surgical procedures that have varied results as consistent treatments for Meniere's.  Make sure you ask others and discuss options with your doctor.  Click here for more information on surgical options and success statistics.

If you know of another menieres disease treatments that have worked for you and others, please email me.

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